Our Services

Some dogs can find being groomed a little daunting which is why at Brinsley Dog Grooming we offer a free introductory to grooming session for all puppies upto 4 months of age. Starting your puppy with a gentle and positive grooming experience will help him be happy and content with the grooming process for years to come. Your puppies first visit will include:

► Introduction to grooming brushes and being brushed with them
► Nail clipping and fur trimmed from between the pads
► Eye and ear cleaning
► Being bathed and blow dried
► Introduction to the clipper and scissor sounds if the coat requires these tools
► A spritz of doggy cologne
► Advice on grooming routines and equipment

Introductory sessions can be done as soon as your puppy is fully vaccinated and takes around one hour.

We appreciate that for various reasons it can be difficult to take your dog to the groomers which is why we have a doggy collection and delivery service availble for your convenience. This service is free up to a 3 mile radius.

Elderley dogs are given extra special care at Brinsley Dog Grooming. They often require gentler handling and be allowed to sit as often as they need to with as many breaks as they need. Grooming is completed at their pace which will often mean going slower for them. If it is felt the session is becoming too stressful for them the grooming will be suspended and they will be invited to return another day to finish the groom at no extra charge.

Your dog will start his full groom with a brush out and pre-clip if required. The pads will be trimmed free of excess fur and the nails clipped. The ears and eyes will be cleaned as needed. An appropriate high quality shampoo will be chosen that suits your dogs coat and skin type in which he will be thoroughly bathed and rinsed. Following the bath your dog will be blow dried by hand until the coat is completely dry. Your dog will then have a final clip with scissor work if the style requires this followed by a refreshing spray of pet cologne to keep him smelling gorgeous for days after. We carefully monitor your dogs health and happiness throughout the entire grooming process to ensure they have a positive grooming experience.

A nail clipping service is available for £5 to help keep your dogs feet healthy. We can also remove any excess fur and debris from between the pads where uncomfortable knots can form for an extra £3.

Does your dog need a freshen up between grooms?...no problem, perfect after a muddy walk in the woods or a dip in the stream. Our wash and dry service will soon have them looking smart and smelling fresh. Your dog will receive two thorough shampoo and rinses, a warm hand blow dry and a spritz of doggy cologne to keep him smelling beautiful and clean. Prices start from £10. Please note dogs with knotted or matted fur will be charged extra.